Bad Credit? No Credit? No problem!

If you’re like many Americans, you’ve lived in the fast lane. Marriage, kids, car payments, and vacations all add up! If you’re like most of us, regardless of your income, you’ve funded these expenditures with a credit card. And why not? “Play now, pay later” may well be the motto of the American Dream.

Yet all those expenditures come with a cost. As that small pile of credit card bills grows, you may notice your credit score beginning to take a simultaneous nosedive. If you’re over the age of 62, more than likely, you’re beginning to settle down. Perhaps you’re contemplating finally building that dream home. Or, your mind may be set on that island vacation escape you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever the fantasy, good credit is essential for your next move.

Or is it?

Thanks to the magic of a reverse mortgage loan, you too can finance your forever home – no good credit required!

Benefits of a reverse mortgage include:

• No necessity for good credit. Bad credit? No problem!

• No required monthly mortgage payments. Stressed about monthly mortgage payments? Stress no more!

Unlike traditional mortgage loans, reverse mortgage loans are highly flexible, affordable, and low-stress options for senior homeowners. For those with lower incomes or less-than-perfect credit scores, a reverse mortgage loan can seem like a dream come true. And dreams, after all, are what our country is founded upon.

Are you 62 or older, and seeking an affordable and simple way to reach financial freedom during your retirement? Call today to speak to one of our expert advisers – we’re here to help!

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